Tuesday, July 24, 2007

too perfect

The every day world around us seems to have become flawless and all too keen to stop any pixel, beat, letter, or increment of measure from being off by even a fraction. (ok this is mainly a comment on media. obviously one can just look at the 405 to know that the world is not flawless)

Whether this is a great direction for humanity to be going is debatable on many levels. However, the challenge for the creative community is to not just 'add back humanity' or making something a bit flawed but to start asking questions about the tools we are using. Do you really need quantization all the time? Do the grid marker and rulers absolutely need to be on? Do you need to be sub frame accurate?

Perhaps just do something without any 'corrective' measures and experience the freedom and perhaps the freefall...

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I've been thinking a bit about the creative use of oscillators.

For sound, obviously one can use things like an LFO to change, control
or modify. Yet, what about using these oscillations for visuals applied
to key frames or to gradient patterns.

today's creative challenge: make something unexpected with of 3 types of oscillators.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

tis is a new day for us...

As owner of this blog, I'm shifting into a more pragmatic direction albiet still a random one.

-Creative challenges and problems

-Interesting discoveries within programs

-Links to helpful places

-we hope you will enjoy-

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This make up for the wait!

Now that you have seen THE greatest video ever made. return if you will to a simpler time.
ok this one is a bit old now but you cannot go wrong with metal and a puppet.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

you could be doing this...

But Sunday's are a day for relaxing so enjoy the Simpson's instead.

But here is your link for today.

Living with Alligators

Saturday, April 28, 2007

you are special and so is your number...

So you have a favorite number? Well perhaps you'd like to know what's special about it. Come on admit you'd really like to know how a number such as 3070 is special. Well my friend you are in luck!

go to the special number page and it will tell you is the number of paraffins with 9 carbon atoms along with 9999 (as it also includes 0!) other super factoids.

And you thought this would be another boring weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


no not syd. no not pizza. its the crazy world of setting up plastic objects
and then watching them fall down.

from the world of www.dominodomain.com

they say

"As domino experts we have gone far beyond toppling the famous black dominoes with white dots. Domino has grown almost into a science for us and so has the proces of making the domino. The dominoes that we use for our world record are made of polystyrene. A very common material which is used in a great variety of products like: plastic coffee cups, storage boxes, garbage bags, package materials, etc. For every world record attempt we order new stones. After the world record they are recycled into other products. That is the reason we do not sell any of the world record dominoes.

You would think that making a simple rectangular polystyrene stone should not be that hard. But the dominoes that we use for our world record have to meet certain specific demands. The colour of each domino has to be exactly right to make an image look good on television. The speed with which the domino topples has to be spot on, to be able to determine the timing of certain important moments and the total duration of the television show as a whole. These and other demands make a domino more than just an everyday plastic consumer product.

Like a painter has his palette with various colours of paint on it, we also have a palette. Our designers use the colours in this domino-palette to make their spectacular designs. There are 24 different colours in total that they can use. That doesn't sound like much but by combining different colours and placing them on a painted floor we have countless possibilities within our designs."